Lessons For Children

Children can begin studying cello at 3 years of age; however, most children begin private cello lessons between the ages of 6 and 10, and many begin later than that.  The younger the child, the more “Suzuki Centered” my approach will be (the more the parent will need to be a part of the process). 

My foremost goal with any child is building his or her ability to focus, both internally and externally. Learning begins with noticing.  I find it best to work in small spurts of intense focus, alternating with cool-down activities, creating a self-perpetuating rhythm of flow. Working in this way creates flexibility of focus – which is the most valuable trait to have in any pursuit of excellence.  All of our greatest successes can be traced to our quality of focus, or quality of mind.  Lessons are a series of processes which I determine on the spot, given the needs of the day. 

I guide my students to find an excellent left hand and bow technique that responds to their musical needs as they grow.   A grounded technique feels good to the body, creates a sense of ease, accelerates progress and shows up for performances. My cello lessons focus on a sense of well-being as well as developing a tolerance for the ambiguity of learning and a desire to persist. 

Group Classes are an integral part of my practice.

Choose The Right Program For You

RiverArts Music Program 

The RiverArts Music Program is based in the towns of Hastings-on-Hudson and Dobbs Ferry, NY (Westchester County).  The program is open to all children, and is conveniently located to all towns along the lower Hudson River, including the NYC neighborhoods of Inwood and Riverdale.  I have  a limited number of lessons available through this program and combine in-person lessons with Skype lessons (I have a home in Rochester as well as an apartment in Dobbs Ferry).  Lessons can be in increments of 30, 45 and 60 minutes. 

This program includes the opportunity to be in Group Cello Class. 

A modest registration and membership fee are required, as well as tuition.  Need-based scholarships are available.

Private Lessons As Needed 

Lessons can be any combination of in-person and/or Skype sessions.  There are a limited number of weekly spots to reserve.  Lessons can also be scheduled on an as-needed basis. See my Rates page for details.

Contact Me

Telephone: 917 673-8616 

Skype Address: Teresa.Kubiak44