Suzuki / Traditional

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The main question parents ask me is whether I use the Suzuki Method or the Traditional Method. 
The quick answer is that I incorporate everything. The Suzuki books are great and the Twinkle Variations are genius.  I have had wonderful Suzuki mentors including Louise Behrend and Nancy Hair.  You could say the Suzuki approach is my starting point, a launch pad for more ideas.  For those parents who want a strictly-Suzuki approach, I can do that. 

The “Traditional Method” isn’t anything that really exists. When people ask this question, they really mean: 

  • Will my child learn to read music from the page?  I promise, yes, and fluently. 
  • Will they learn to use the entire length of their bow?  Yes, when they are ready. 
  • Will they be little automatons who only know how to mimic, or will they be trained in the art of interpretation?  Playing music is magical.   Check out some student videos.